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Margarita time

Most Fridays when we get home from work, S and I are ready to relax.  Often that means cooking together.

Tonight I found some frozen roasted peppers from last summer and decided that, since this summer’s peppers are almost ready to harvest and roast, it was time to make something good with them.  I settled on enchiladas.

That decision led to another, maybe obvious, choice:  we needed margaritas!


Making margaritas is not my specialty, so I headed to the internet for a recipe and found this one.  It looked great, but a quick read made it clear that I didn’t have all of the essential ingredients.  There was no Triple Sec anywhere in the house.  After adding it to the grocery list


I found a potential substitute:  Spicy Ginger Cello Liqueur, an organic botanical liqueur made by the New Deal Distillery here in Portland.  I’d used it in martinis before, but never thought of it as an ingredient in a margarita.


And the result?  It was great!

Ginger Lime Margaritas for Two

3/4 c Patron Tequila

1/4 c LOFT Spicy Ginger Liqueur

3 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

3 Tbs sugar, divided

2 cups ice

2 Tbs kosher salt

3 lime wedges

Combine Tequila, Ginger liqueur, lime juice and 2 Tbs sugar in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake well.

Combine remaining 1 Tbs sugar and 2 Tbs salt on a small plate.  Use one lime wedge to moisten rims of two glasses and, holding glasses upside down, coat rims with the sugar and salt mixture.

Strain the margarita mixture into glasses and serve garnished with lime wedges.


Put some Los Lobos on the stereo and enjoy!


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