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Picking and pickling peppers

Today I decided it was finally time to pick some of the peppers that are ripening on the deck.  Even after I picked all of the ripe ones there are still a few more out there that are not quite ready yet.


After picking a selection of ripe peppers (we have jalapeno, cayenne, and a third kind called a Tunisian Baklouti), I brought them in and got them ready to pickle.


There is nothing fancy about the method I used for these pickles.  I cut the stems off the peppers, peeled some garlic cloves, quickly blanched a few spring onions, cleaned the baby carrots some friends had brought us from their garden, and squeezed everything into two wide mouth, pint-sized, mason jars.


I tossed in some whole pink peppercorns and some Penzey’s Shrimp and Crab Boil, and filled each jar to the brim with boiling white vinegar.


I let the jars cool and then refrigerated them.  These pickles will need to stay refrigerated, and should keep for at least a month.



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