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It’s about time I wrote something about knitting.  I had planned to make this vacation a time to read, relax, and knit.  It took me a few days to get to the knitting, but I finally spent all of yesterday afternoon on the couch with a project.

I was inspired by a book and two knitting stores, probably in just about that order.

When we visited Cannon Beach on Wednesday we stopped into the Cannon Beach Book Company, one of those perfect independent bookstores that you can sometimes find in small towns.  They have a great selection of current and classic fiction and non fiction, as well as a great mystery section.  They also had a knitting book I had never seen:


The book is called Yarn Bombing (it’s the one on top here).  It was written by two women who also maintain a website of the same name and it’s about knitted graffiti.  Really.  Check it out.

It was just what I needed to send me into the closest knitting store.  Luckily, Coastal Yarns was handy and I ran in and bought some beautiful yarn.


As soon as I got back to Manzanita I went over to T Spot, where they sell yarn, tea and chocolate, and bought some more yarn and a second book (the one about crocheting in the picture).

Since then I have been knitting and plotting my options as a yarnbomber.  I’m not sure what my strategy will be, but keep your eyes open for knitting in unexpected places.



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