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Home again

Our trip to the Pacific coast of Oregon was relaxing and a lot of fun.  We loved exploring a new part of the country and learning more about our recently adopted state.  However, there is something special about coming home no matter how wonderful the trip.

One of the nicest things about being home again is cooking a good dinner in our own kitchen and tonight we had one of our favorite home-cooked meals: pizza.

As true pizza lovers we have all the equipment that pizza afficionados need.


One essential kitchen tool is a rolling pin.  Mine is all wood and pretty simple.


A steep smooth-sided bowl helps the dough rise quickly and evenly,


and a good cheese grater makes pulling together the final ingredients a lot easier.


I like to make my pizzas on the grill these days, so screens, used to move the fully-dressed pizzas from kitchen to deck, are really useful too.


And then, when the pizzas are ready to eat, a good pizza cutter comes in handy.


This one still has olive oil on it from cutting a still-warm pizza like the one here:


How nice it is to be home again!


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