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What’s for dinner?


Tonight we decided to make a meal with what we already had in the house rather than make a trip to the store or have dinner out.  A quick review of our supplies revealed eggs, leeks, the remains of a piece of smoked salmon, and some cheese.  The perfect ingredients for a quick frittata.


My first step was to thinly slice the leeks and set them to saute with some good olive oil in a non-stick pan.


While they softened, I broke some eggs into a bowl and scrambled them with a fork.



I then chopped up the smoked salmon,


crumbled some cheese, and added the salmon, cheese and eggs to the pan with the leeks.

fritattacookingI cooked the egg mixture on top of the stove until the eggs had mostly set, tilting the pan now and then to let any uncooked eggs get nearer to the heat.  I then put the whole pan into a 375 degree oven to finish cooking.  After about 5 minutes in the oven the frittata was ready to serve.


It’s times like these, when I can whip up something tasty and healthy with whatever I can find in my kitchen, that make me feel almost inexpressibly lucky.


With the Oregon Food Bank’s Hunger Action Month campaign in the news, my comfortably full pantry and refrigerator are even more on my mind than usual.


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