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More knitted gifts

When I was in Maine in July one of my most enjoyable evenings was spent having dinner with a close friend and her family.  When I arrived at my friend’s house, I was greeted by her two young children who were both eager to show me around.  The house tour was even more fun than most (I am one of those people who loves to see other people’s houses) because of the kids’ enthusiasm and because it was so much fun to see them so grown up and excited to show me their new home.

At the end of the tour my friend’s daughter brought out the hat I had made for her when she was born, and with a little prompting from her mom, remembered that she wanted to ask me if I could make her a new, bigger, pink and purple one.  Of course, it was impossible for me to resist her request.

evashat4 evashat2

Also of course, making one for her required making an even bigger, mostly green one for her brother.


I’ll stop at the Post Office on my way home from work tomorrow.


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