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Cheese plate

Every family probably has those stories that, when told in the right company, only require a word or two to make everyone break into laughter.  The two words that evoke that reaction in my family are “cheese plate.”  It’s actually funny that this is the case, since one of S’s favorite parts about eating out is the chance to order a selection of cheeses instead of a more traditional, sweet, dessert.

Despite S’s love of cheese, we rarely go to the trouble of assembling a cheese plate at home; last night was an exception.


This past week at the farmer’s market we discovered a new cheese producer, Monteillet Fromagerie, located in Dayton, WA.  After tasting a few of the cheeses they had for sale we settled on two:  The sheep and goat’s milk aged, semi-hard, Causse Noir, and the soft, 100% goat’s milk Larzac.  For our cheese plate last night, we paired the Causse Noir with Rogue Creamery’s Smokey Blue.


Fresh figs,


roasted Oregon hazelnuts,


Viridian Farms grapes

grapesand some local blackberry honey


completed the spread.   This was one cheese plate that didn’t make us laugh!


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