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Knitted snake scarf

Several months ago (actually, if I am honest, it must be at least a year ago) I found a pattern in a knitting store in St. Louis that I could not resist.  It was so long ago that I am not even sure that the store is still there.

The pattern was for a knitted snake scarf.  Incredibly cute, I thought, for my nephew J, who at the time must have been about five (now the truth comes out:  that was THREE years ago; please don’t tell anyone).

Anyway, it has taken me until now to finish the thing.  And it is cute.


At least I think it is.


The problem is that now my nephew is too old to be caught wearing a snake scarf,


and to be honest, he was a little skittish about it even at five.


So the question is:  who gets the snake scarf?


Give me a good answer and it’s yours (or theirs).

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