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Knitting in the car

Our recent trip to Seattle gave me a chance to spend a few uninterrupted hours knitting.  Except for the brief moments when I needed to navigate, I was able to knit to my heart’s content on both legs of the trip.  My recent knitting posts have resulted in a few requests for knitted items, so having time to work on them was nice.

The first two pieces on my list are hats for N’s two kids.  The first hat, for her daughter, S, is done.  I had fun inserting a few purled rows into the knitting of this hat, as well as with creating the slightly ruffled brim.  Although some of these pictures make it look very blue, the real hat is a lovely purple with touches of lavender.




The second hat is for N’s son B.  This one isn’t done yet.  I was fortunate to find a yarn at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival the other week that included all of the colors he reportedly likes:  black, orange, red and blue.


I am using a stitch I really like called the brioche stitch.  It makes a nice stretchy ribbing that will be perfect for a hat and it is fun to knit — interesting enough to keep my attention, but easy to do even when I am a little bit distracted.



I have what I hope is a good idea for the top of this hat, too.  I’ll post a picture when it is finished.


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