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Readers of this blog will probably remember my post (last September) about the knitted snake scarf I made (originally for my nephew).

That post set off a series of conversations with a friend, M, who was so taken with the scarf that she wondered if I could knit a snake big enough for an adult.

No challenge is too great for an intrepid knitter, so with some additional input from M (color, snake species, etc) I set to work.

Today I am happy to report that the new, grown-up sized snake scarf is ready to be shipped to its new home in California with M.

I added a few new wrinkles — bi-colored eyes (for fun) and an orange (instead of red) forked tongue (looked better with the green of the body, I thought).

I’m excited to hear M’s reaction (and she is an enthusiastic person, so I am sure I will hear something).

In exchange for the scarf, M (a wonderful writer) has collaborated with me on a new project, still in the development stages, but soon to be revealed.  Check this space!


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