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Philosophical interlude

I am not a professional blogger.  When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what my posts would be about, or how often I would post, or how the posts would fit together.  The name of my blog, Knitting a Life, seemed like a good idea at the time; among other things, I am a knitter, and I had a hard time imagining that any blog I authored wouldn’t have some knitting in it somewhere.

To tell you the truth, once I came up with a title for this blog I didn’t worry about it much.  Until a friend told me that he didn’t read my blog because it was about knitting.

That stopped me.  I tried to explain to him that my blog is NOT about knitting, but he was convinced that it was and that he would never read it as a result.

Of course, knowing that one person isn’t reading my blog won’t make me stop writing it.  If I worried a lot about who was reading these posts I would do things a lot differently than I do.  My friend’s comment did make me think about what I mean by “Knitting a Life.”  Not necessarily what I meant when I started this project, but what it has come to mean over the few months I have been working on it.

What is this blog about?  One way to answer that is to look at what I post about.  Knitting, sometimes, but also food and family,

travel and teaching, places and passions.

Is this blog about knitting?  I guess some people would say that, since there have been posts about my knitting projects and about yarn.  I don’t think of it that way, though; I think this blog is about knitting a life, mine.


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