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August garden update

After the extremely hot weather of the past week or so I didn’t have a lot of hope for the plants growing in containers on our deck.  Amazingly (thanks to the loving attention that S has given them and the water they received from our pet sitter) they have held on and there are vegetables ready for harvest.

The edamame, which had flowered profusely without any sign of fruit, have now produced a number of their distinctive fuzzy pods.


The peppers continue to flourish.


Two kinds of eggplant are ripening as well.



And the tomatillos look almost ready to roast and turn into a refreshing, tangy, salsa verde.


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So here I am in Maine, first afternoon, out driving around, and I realize that I forgot my camera.  As I drive there are many things I want to photograph but can’t:  my favorite sign, a familiar view, a farmstand stocked with summer produce.  I’ll have to make time to take that road again before I head home.

Instead of taking those pictures, I finish my visits, head over for my first night of work to meet the students I’ll be working with for the next week, and then come back to my friends’ house and snap some garden and cat pictures before the sun sets.

The flowers are obedient, standing quietly in the evening sun, not even shifting in the faint breeze.




This being Maine in the summer, the mosquitoes are thick in the air and I quickly decide to move inside.  There I am met by Eddie and LaLa, who are not quite as eager to pose for me; but I catch them in their various acts anyway.

Eddie first:



and then LaLa:


I’ll have to try to get them to sit still for me over the next few days!

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garden update

I think I mentioned something in an earlier post about the expansive container garden S has planted on our deck.  We’ve already had several wonderful salads, and the rosemary, mint, and thyme have added considerable flavor to a number of refreshing drinks.

Now that summer has arrived the garden is really thriving.

The lettuce is still growing


and the peppers (3 different varieties so far) are starting to ripen as well.




The chives are flowering


and the basil is ready to harvest for pesto.


Now, what to make for dinner?


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