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Holiday knitting

I’ve been working on some more holiday knitting projects over the past few days.  One of my friends had a baby this summer and, of course, this new family member didn’t have a Christmas stocking.  I padded into the breach and have made three stockings.  One for little Olivia:

and one for each of her parents:

Although I used a patterns for these projects (here’s the one I used for the two “adult” stockings) I had to make a few changes and add my own touches as well.

Now I have to get them into the mail in time to hang by the fire for Santa to find.

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Some holiday knitting

At this time of year those of us who knit often find ourselves in knitting overdrive, trying to finish gifts and other holiday-associated knitting projects.  I don’t usually give a lot of knitted gifts at Christmas or Hanukkah, but I have knitted stockings for all of my family, as well as for others who have asked.

I also finally knitted a stocking for myself; something a little more contemporary than the more traditional ones I have made for others.

And then there are the mini stockings I made, just for fun.

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Orange hat

A few weeks ago an old friend was in town.  We had not seen each other for too long and we spent a lot of time reconnecting and talking about what had been happening in our lives over the intervening years.

One of the results of her visit was this hat:


knitted for her daughter, whose favorite color is orange.


I used one my favorite, all-purpose yarns, Lamb’s Pride,


and a pattern from a new book I found by Ann Budd, The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.


Of course, I didn’t really follow the pattern, but that’s par for the course with me.


I just hope the hat fits.

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