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Squid hat

Sometime last winter my friend R asked me if I could make him a hat.  He had a particular kind of hat in mind — one that he called a “squid hat” because he thought it was shaped something like a squid. He remembered them from Vermont, he thought.

He was not referring to a “real” squid hat (and there are some of those both knitted and sewn), but a classic ski hat with a squid shaped top.

Always up for a challenge, I got to work.  I first asked him what color(s) he liked.  Since red was near the top of his list, I went with that.


I didn’t have a pattern and what follows is NOT a pattern.  It’s more like a memoir:  Knitting a Hat.


To get started, I looked at pictures of hats online and decided that I wanted the “cuff” to be doubled, so I borrowed a technique from a baby hat I made a few years ago, knitting for 2-3 inches and then purling one row, then knitting another 2-3 inches.  At that point, I folded the hat along the purled row and knit two rows together to make a doubled cuff.

I continued knitting (this was all in the round, on needles slightly smaller than the ones the yarn manufacturer recommended) until the hat was about 7 inches tall.   Then I started decreasing slowly (about every 5 rows or so) to make the top of the hat taper a little bit.


Once the hat was tall enough, I cast off, pinched the opening together into a cross and sewed it up from the inside.


I know it’s not really a “squid” hat, but I love the way it turned out.  I hope R does too.


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Knitting in the car

Our recent trip to Seattle gave me a chance to spend a few uninterrupted hours knitting.  Except for the brief moments when I needed to navigate, I was able to knit to my heart’s content on both legs of the trip.  My recent knitting posts have resulted in a few requests for knitted items, so having time to work on them was nice.

The first two pieces on my list are hats for N’s two kids.  The first hat, for her daughter, S, is done.  I had fun inserting a few purled rows into the knitting of this hat, as well as with creating the slightly ruffled brim.  Although some of these pictures make it look very blue, the real hat is a lovely purple with touches of lavender.




The second hat is for N’s son B.  This one isn’t done yet.  I was fortunate to find a yarn at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival the other week that included all of the colors he reportedly likes:  black, orange, red and blue.


I am using a stitch I really like called the brioche stitch.  It makes a nice stretchy ribbing that will be perfect for a hat and it is fun to knit — interesting enough to keep my attention, but easy to do even when I am a little bit distracted.



I have what I hope is a good idea for the top of this hat, too.  I’ll post a picture when it is finished.

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Today we decided to explore the Thirteenth Annual Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival being held at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby.  It was a perfect fall day, sunny with enough of a cool breeze to keep it from becoming too hot.


After breakfast downtown at Mother’s Bistro we drove south to the festival; a combination fiber and craft sale,




livestock judging,


and workshop and demonstration site.


Local artist, John Beard demonstrated Ravenstail weaving in one booth,



African baskets were piled on the lawn,


and yarn was everywhere.


It probably won’t surprise anyone who reads this that I came away with some yarn myself


and even started a new project in the car on the way home.


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Knitted snake scarf

Several months ago (actually, if I am honest, it must be at least a year ago) I found a pattern in a knitting store in St. Louis that I could not resist.  It was so long ago that I am not even sure that the store is still there.

The pattern was for a knitted snake scarf.  Incredibly cute, I thought, for my nephew J, who at the time must have been about five (now the truth comes out:  that was THREE years ago; please don’t tell anyone).

Anyway, it has taken me until now to finish the thing.  And it is cute.


At least I think it is.


The problem is that now my nephew is too old to be caught wearing a snake scarf,


and to be honest, he was a little skittish about it even at five.


So the question is:  who gets the snake scarf?


Give me a good answer and it’s yours (or theirs).

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More knitted gifts

When I was in Maine in July one of my most enjoyable evenings was spent having dinner with a close friend and her family.  When I arrived at my friend’s house, I was greeted by her two young children who were both eager to show me around.  The house tour was even more fun than most (I am one of those people who loves to see other people’s houses) because of the kids’ enthusiasm and because it was so much fun to see them so grown up and excited to show me their new home.

At the end of the tour my friend’s daughter brought out the hat I had made for her when she was born, and with a little prompting from her mom, remembered that she wanted to ask me if I could make her a new, bigger, pink and purple one.  Of course, it was impossible for me to resist her request.

evashat4 evashat2

Also of course, making one for her required making an even bigger, mostly green one for her brother.


I’ll stop at the Post Office on my way home from work tomorrow.

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Knitted gifts


One of my dearest friends is having a baby and I have been working on and off all summer on a gift for her (and the baby).  Now that fall is here, the baby is almost here as well.  Fortunately, I finished the blanket


and the matching hat



hatandblanket Blanketandhat

I’ll mail them tomorrow.

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It’s about time I wrote something about knitting.  I had planned to make this vacation a time to read, relax, and knit.  It took me a few days to get to the knitting, but I finally spent all of yesterday afternoon on the couch with a project.

I was inspired by a book and two knitting stores, probably in just about that order.

When we visited Cannon Beach on Wednesday we stopped into the Cannon Beach Book Company, one of those perfect independent bookstores that you can sometimes find in small towns.  They have a great selection of current and classic fiction and non fiction, as well as a great mystery section.  They also had a knitting book I had never seen:


The book is called Yarn Bombing (it’s the one on top here).  It was written by two women who also maintain a website of the same name and it’s about knitted graffiti.  Really.  Check it out.

It was just what I needed to send me into the closest knitting store.  Luckily, Coastal Yarns was handy and I ran in and bought some beautiful yarn.


As soon as I got back to Manzanita I went over to T Spot, where they sell yarn, tea and chocolate, and bought some more yarn and a second book (the one about crocheting in the picture).

Since then I have been knitting and plotting my options as a yarnbomber.  I’m not sure what my strategy will be, but keep your eyes open for knitting in unexpected places.


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