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Fall photos

When we first moved here last year people warned us about the winter weather.


They were right, it rains a lot in Portland in the late fall and winter.  At the time, a lot of rain and consecutive overcast days didn’t seem like a bad trade for months of winter, bitter cold and many feet of snow.  After a full year I still feel that way.

Grey skies and the diffuse light they bring are also great for taking interesting pictures.


Wet pavements are too.




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Busy week

This has been a really busy week for me.  Somehow I scheduled major assignments in both of my classes for the same week.  The result:  lots of time spent reading student papers (something I actually like doing) and not much time spent doing anything else.

It is also really fall here in Portland.  Most of the week was grey and rainy.  This is the view from the walkway I take from my car to my office.


There were a couple of high points to the week (in addition to the papers I read).  First, there was the delicious tortilla soup S made for dinner last weekend.


And I finished one of the hats I have been working on.  This one for my friend’s son B.


I hope it fits!

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Dinner without pictures

This post goes against my personal blogging rules.  I didn’t take any pictures of the meal I am about to describe, so I am going to try to paint a verbal picture and see if I can get my point across.

Yesterday was one of the first rainy, almost-winter days that happen in fall in Portland.  It was damp, verging on, but not quite, raw.  When I got home I was tired and chilled.  I turned on the fireplace and upped the heat and started thinking about dinner.

I knew that S had gotten some Pacific Black Cod the other day, as well as some of my favorite Padron peppers from Viridian Farms.  After flipping through some of our fishy cookbooks, I settled on a recipe for Cod with Roasted Garlic.  Luckily the peppers came with instructions.  Wide egg noodles seemed like a good choice for another side dish.

The fish required the most preparation.  In my usual fashion, I used the recipe (from Leith’s Fish Bible) as a starting point, largely ignoring it once I got started.  I peeled about 15 heads of garlic and set them to roast in about 1/2 cup of good olive oil in a 400 degree oven.  Once that was underway, I seasoned some all-purpose flour with salt, freshly ground black pepper, and crushed aleppo pepper.  I rinsed the Cod fillet (it was a nice thick piece) and sprinkled it with salt and pepper before dredging it in the flour mixture.

Once the garlic was soft, I removed it from the oil.  Making sure the oil was good and hot (I actually put it back into the oven to reheat it a bit) I slid the fillet into the oil and put it in the oven.  After about 3 minutes, I flipped the fish and left it to poach in the oil for another 8 minutes.  I arranged the roasted garlic cloves and some lemon slices around the edges of a small platter and laid the oil-poached fillet in the middle.

While all of that was going on, I heated some more olive oil in a small, non-stick skillet, added the Padron peppers and some salt and sauted them all until they were just starting to brown and blister.  I tossed them into a bowl and took them to the table.

The wide egg noodles were cooked until just done and tossed with even more olive oil and some of my favorite harissa, a little sweeter than many but with just the right amount of heat.

Served with a bottle of Ayres Oregon Pinot Noir it was a lovely meal, perfect for a rainy October night.  Sorry I didn’t get any pictures!

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